How SharePoint Chose Me!

I recently read a great blog post by a fellow SharePoint enthusiast titled “How Did SharePoint Choose You?”. Here’s a link to that post:

Because I found it so intriguing, I thought hey, that is a good topic to blog about! So here is what I have to say…

SharePoint does have a way of pulling you in… it’s like a gravitational force that can’t be reckoned with or even stopped. I myself started working with SharePoint in 2007. My initial experience was using it as a document repository, moving files from a shared network drive into a document library. I then moved into how to use metadata effectively… creating columns with the information about what kinds of documents were being housed in the library… then there were views, what if a Project Manager only wanted to see project management documents or a Business Analyst only wanted BA docs in their view, etc. The need for ease of finding documentation only continued to grow! So, in came content types (both at the site and library level). Consistency and reuse of metadata was of great importance too, so the trek continued! End users then wanted to know how processes could be automated… so there was the discovery of SharePoint Designer. Ahhh, SPD… that is a love/hate relationship, but even when you are frustrated and your new workflow throws an error you are compelled to figure it out. And as Henry states in his blog, the end result usually turns out being exactly as you envisioned it… and peace is restored 😊

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6 Responses to How SharePoint Chose Me!

  1. Sarah Haase says:

    Reblogged this on Sarah Haase and commented:
    I’m thrilled to welcome (and introduce) a new SharePoint business blogger–Edith Young. Congrats on the new blog, Edith!

  2. Welcome Edith! Great to have you and looking forward to reading about your experiences. Keep up the good work. I’ve also added you to my SharePoint Business Bloggers list. 🙂

  3. Nice to hear the story. For business users, SharePoint is like a drug. Try before you buy. You discover how SharePoint will save you time in the long run and BAM! you are an addict.

  4. Jer Harwood says:

    Indeed, Tamara! The deeper you dive the harder it is to escape. If your personality is a fixer, helper and teacher with social skills it sucks you right in and if you’re lucky enough to work in the environments for a living it’s a really fun journey!

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  6. Edith, Glad to see that SharePoint has chosen you too. I was actually doing a Google search against my blog to verify that my site was being indexed when I came across your reference and re-blog of my post

    Looks like you’ve been elected by SharePoint to be an ambassador of her goodness. SharePoint is awesome tool and with a little ingenuity and patience, great potential awaits.

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